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    for lc? Sarah2014

    should I do chemistry? can anyone tell me what I need to be able to know for the course? is it difficult/ time-consuming? thanks

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      Stephanie K

      Hi Sarah!! It is a lovely subject!! It will need around 20 minutes every night or second night. Your definitions are the key to success and they need to be know word perfect, if not you will not get full marks or in some cases you will get no marks.

      There are 24 chapters, I am in 5th year and when I go into 6th year we will only have 5 max chapters left to finish!! The rest of the time can then be spent for revision and exam question practice.

      The same type of questions come up year in and year out.

      It is the subject with the highest amount of As in the country, it has no bell curve so that is why.

      Anymore questions about it just ask. I am passionate about this subject!!!

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      hi sorry whats a bell curve? thanks again for your advice it means a lot!!!!! I spoke with my science teacher today and she said you had to be good at maths to get a high grade in chemistry. is this true? what subject is you favourite out of home ec and chemistry?

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      Stephanie K

      A bell curve is what the corrector uses to give you a grade. A number of people must get As Bs Cs and so on.

      There is less learning in chemistry. The two subject would be equal in my preference list. Any more questions

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      ok no that's it!!!!! haha thanks so much for helping me. I still don't know which one will suit me best though because im thinking two things. 1. I could study home ec so I would be able to reach around 500 points and 2. I could study chemistry to do medicine/doctor etc.

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      Stephanie K

      Am, maybe chemistry, you will nearly be guaranteed an A.

      Home Ec is suppose to be hard to get an A in the LC I heard people saying, but so far I have gotten an A in all my home Ec and chemistry exams.!!

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      yeah my home ec teacher said it was hard to get an A in home ec but she said I would be able to get a high grade for the lc. well done on getting all A's in chemistry and home ec! thanks so much for your help :)

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      Stephanie K

      Thanks very much!!

      Any grade is possible, if you want/need you A in any subject all you need to do is to put the time into that subject, I mean like 20mins every night to satrt you off because of you do too much time in one subject you might end up getting confused etc and other subject will prob begin to suffer. 😀 Best of luck with your subject choices and with the choice to do TY or not.👍

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      thanks very much Stephanie for the help!! Im not sure if I asked you this before or not but I was talking to my science teacher and she said you had to be good at maths to do chemistry. is there a lot of mathematical questions that are involved in chemistry? :)

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      Stephanie K


      There is a few of them but they are very basic, it is all about formula work for the maths questions, very basic. It is mainly definitions laws etc. Defiantly you do not need to be good a maths. What level maths are you doing for the JC

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      im doing higher level but im not able to move down to ol otherwise I would haha!!!!!!!

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      Stephanie K

      If you can do HL for JC the maths in chemistry will be very manageable

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      Ok cool thank you so much for your help

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