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    HELP CHEMISTRYY :(( Anna34xo

    how do you study for chemistry? i dont udnerstand anything, im failing most of my exams, but i listen in class, take notes and ask questions and i cant drop chemistry because i want to do medicine, please helppp :'(

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      Watch a video on youtube about a topic you're struggling with. Instead of depending on your teachers helping you understand, researching it from another source can be helpful sometimes.

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      thanks so much, do you mean like videos on youtube or would there be a better website where i could get like better videos more related to the Leaving Cert?

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      Where are you failing? Isolate the parts of chem you don't understand and try to see why you don't understand it. Some things you just have to memorise (experiments, definitions, etc) while other things require you to think about what is happening (oxidation, equilibrium). If its the former, you just need to learn them . If its the later, you need to do more questions, look at the exam papers and see how they did it.

      And if you really just don't understand the basics then like person above said look at the vids on Youtube etc.

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      if you wanted to watch videos on youtube i would recommend watching crash course chemistry as it really made chem a bit more fun and was very helpful for me as i was in the same position as you a month or two ago

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      thanks so much :))

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