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Help Predictions HL Chemistry!
niki1819 Leaving Cert Chemistry — 17/06/16 5

Any ideas what can feature on the paper regarding experiments and long questions?

Aaron_6380 — 16/06/16
clove oil
niki1819 — 16/06/16
What about titrations and long questions?
CeliaReynolds — 17/06/16
bleach and hcl vs na2co3 are the only two titrations that havent been repeated twice since 2002, so i guess they may be more likely?
psisquirrel8 — 17/06/16
I've a feeling the exam will be tougher this year since last year there was over 12% people who got A1
Mehak nasim — 17/06/16
we were told that the head of chemistry thing has changed so she'll make the exams difficult for the next few years
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