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    Irish European Science Olympiad ec2406

    So I'm through to this competition because of my JC results in Maths and Science in a week or two's time and I'm doing chemistry.

    Anyone have any experience with the competition or would know of someone with experience? I'd like to have an idea of what to look over because it'd be a great opportunity to get to the actual thing in Copenhagen. I've only started the LC course in chemistry in school and I've just learned some volumetric analysis and molarity etc. so that'd be all my knowledge on chemistry apart from what was covered in JC science.

    Any sort of help would be appreciated with this, thanks :)

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      It's just like random science questions like how to change Celsius to Fahrenheit and how far is moon from sun"......... That's what was on The IJSO last yr which was international one not European one but I'd say their both similar

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      It's difficult in the sense a lot of the stuff is unknown to you, and you'd need to have been doing extra science courses I'd imagine over the years outside of school to have a chance of winning. Some of it is third level stuff, well that was for the biology exam at least when I did it.

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      Anyone else know what I can do to prepare? For the record it's IrEURO not IJSO for me.

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      Same ting

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