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    Is my class behind emmac223

    I just started fifth year and the only chemistry teacher in my year is known for being slow my friend had her for the jc and she ended up having to teach them during lunch time. So far we covered the mole test for anion history of the atom and arrangement of electrons in an atom we just moved on to rates of reaction. Are we behind already? If so should I start reading ahead? Any help will be appreciated

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      I feel like she is. if you are using Chemistry Live book like I am then our teacher did up to water by the end of 5th year leaving only electrchemistry and organic for 6th along with the options. If she doesn't reach water by the end of the year then you would be better off doing some study on your own.

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      Yeah I am using that book thanks for the advice are there any chapters you'd recommend or should I do any

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      Should probably read on I agree with the latter x

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      Ok thank you

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      I'm in 5th year too and we've done about the same. Just finished stoichiometry 1 now

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