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    Is my teacher covering the course too slowly?? kerry36

    I was wondering do most people have the chapter on environmental chemistry (water) and also their option done? ( I'm doing industrial chemistry and a case study on premier perlicase)

    Is my teacher far behind???

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      Lucie costello

      My teacher has every chapter covered except stoichiometry and our class decided not to do the option question but we have a very small class, i think if they are the only chapters you haven't covered , then you're working at a good pace .

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      Okay we have stoichiometry covered, that's good thank you

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      We finished the course aside from the organic soap experiment although our teacher ploughed through the course, I wouldn't go as far to say that you're behind... Water isn't exactly a huge or difficult chapter!

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      Wow that was fast. That's good I was kind of anxious water would be long !

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      Stephanie K

      Water is a very short chapter. I think 2 experiments and a few definitions but overalls it is a very easy, just building on your JC knowledge of water

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      Great leaving cert notes

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