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    Notes on Electronegitivity eadaoin

    Does anyone know any good sites or have a pdf of notes explaining electronegivity, ionization and atomic radii..

    any help will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance!!!

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      Hi Eadaoin,

      Electronegatvity, first ionisation energies and atomic radii are all really important parts of the LC Chemistry course, they run through the entire course and underpin a lot of the Chemistry further on. It's an area you really need to understand and given how it's asked you can't rote learn.

      From doing Chemistry I'd highly recommend Hank Green's Crash Course Chemistry on YouTube ( ). He covers the fundamentals of Chemistry really well, but goes a little fast so dont be afraid to watch the videos twice or even three times. Not everything he covers is strictly relevant to the Leaving Cert course, but if you go through it with your Chemistry book you should be able to see what's relevant.

      Hope that helps


      The Studyclix Team

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      Thanks a mill!

      I'll definitely try it out


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