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    Please help need predictions please eimeartoby

    Any predictions lads bout chemistry please

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      Water chapter with all the tomfoolery about the water charges.

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      The changes to the course that can be examined this year.

      ''In section 7.3 of the syllabus (Organic Chemical Reaction Types), students will continue to test the properties of an

      aldehyde and a carboxylic acid as previously specified, but will not prepare them as both experiments involve oxidation

      using a chromium(VI) solution. The two organic oxidations involving a chromium(VI) solution are being replaced by the

      preparation of benzoic acid from phenylmethanol by oxidation using potassium manganate(VII) in alkaline conditions.

      This is being introduced as a new experiment.

      In section 7.4 of the syllabus (Organic Natural Products), the steam distillation of an organic substance is being adjusted

      to specify the extraction of clove oil and to include the liquid-liquid extraction of eugenol from the emulsion produced

      using cyclohexane. This does not introduce any new theory. The extension of this experiment will make up for the

      reductions in the mandatory experiments in sections 7.3 and 8.2.

      In section 8.2 of the syllabus (Le Chatelier’s Principle), investigations of three aqueous equilibrium mixtures are being

      replaced by an investigation of one aqueous equilibrium mixture. The two aqueous equilibria that are being discontinued

      involved chromium(VI) and cobalt(II) salts.

      These adjustments are effective from September 2013 for all students who will sit the Leaving Certificate Chemistry

      examination in 2015 and thereafter.''

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