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Should I do chemistry or physics?
jamesbuckley Leaving Cert Chemistry — 13/02/17 14

Should I do chemistry or physics?

Beri — 07/11/16
sarah22 — 07/11/16
If you enjoy Maths & get good results, then you'll fly through Physics as it is one of the tougher sciences. I like Chemistry because if you just learn off your stuff, it's exactly what'll come up in the exam :) but do the one you like the most, if you hate a subject you won't do as well in it...
studybuddy15 — 07/11/16
I personally hate chemistry but love physics so it really is personal preferance
Browneyedgirl99 — 08/11/16
chemistry you really need to understand the subject and involves alot of thinking and mentally figuring things out whilst physics is very mathsy I study chemistry and love it so it really comes down to what type of person you are :)
J_Dawg99 — 15/11/16
I'm not sure, ask Samuel Corrigan #FeedTheSam
GirlfromtheHood — 15/11/16
I do both and they do overlap at times.. especially with modern physics but just like the others if you like maths thats very relatable with real life situations do physics. If you like lab work with concentrations.. chemicals.. lab coats and gloves i suggest Chemistry.
GirlfromtheHood — 15/11/16
I loved them both but it just depends on the type of person you are like I love science so i do biology as well!
flashgut — 26/11/16
Chemistry makes absolutely no sense at all..... Do physics
Anna34xo — 28/11/16
physics <3 but if you want to do medicine to chemistry
Charles_5165 — 06/12/16
dont not do chemistry REALLY hard and its not interesting physics would probably be harder
Charles_5165 — 06/12/16
billie.turnbull.35 — 06/12/16
chemistry is painful !
Charles_5165 — 13/02/17
it depends on what u want to do when your older what subjects u like want to do enjoy and intesting but i would pick none cause physics chemistry biology as a whole are extremely boring so its if if you are intested in science thereby by this pick which one your best at
Katyoc — 13/02/17
Neither. I do both. Do business.
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