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    study tips for Higher level Chemistry Mehak nasim

    does anyone have a any good tips on how to study chemistry or have notes ?

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      Flash cards is a brilliant way to go! Can't recommend them enough!

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      Hi Mehak Nasim,

      Make yourself very familiar with your experiments some can be a reasonably easy 100 marks to pick up in section A if you chose to do two of them! Secondly Organic chemistry is an absolute must, it can appear in 3 or more questions throughout the paper so you must know these chapters inside and out. Finally whether you're doing the atmospheric or industrial chemistry option be sure to have revised this well, some questions can be as stating some uses of modern day uses of chemicals so keep an eye out for them!

      Most revision books are the same, I've always personally stuck with the "Revise Wise" books as I found them the most user friendly however that's down to subjectivity. Best of luck in your leaving hope this was of some help!

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      katiemeg have an amazing list of all the definitions you need and then EXAM PAPERS EXAM PAPERS EXAM PAPERS!!! so much esasier then just rewriting notes !!! I love the less stress more success book though its really good !!!

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      Make sure you learn your definitions. They are worth at least 20% of the paper each year.

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      does anyone have any resources for writing up the chemistry experiments my book doesn't do it very well thanks

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      Mehak nasim

      i recommend to get RewiseWise or the Chemistry live revision book , both are very good

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