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    teaching myself chemistry laurenbaeb

    im in 4th year and want to start at least one subject this year and teach myself. Is this possible? should i even take chemistry for LC? is it too hard to teach myself/ to do full stop? Could i do it all in a year? it was my favourite part of the Jc course (i got an a in science in the JC) Thanks so much whoever answers

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      Hi Lauren,

      The chemistry course is a long one but I highly enjoy chemistry as a Leaving Cert subject and I find it easy to study.

      I'm not sure about being able to do it in one year but it will definitely give you the advantage if you do decide to do chemistry for your Leaving Cert.

      If you enjoy science then I'd say go for it. I do of course know friends and schoolmates where chemistry isn't their cup of tea but that's just like any other subject. But like I said, if you enjoy science you should have no problem.

      Good Luck.

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      Do the one that combines physics and chemistry, it will be easier.

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      The hard thing about chemistry is understanding it, when I was in fifth year it took me a couple of months to actually understand the first couple chapters.. It just takes a while to be able to think/ imagine in chemical terms but now I can pretty much recite those chapters, and even new ones click with me pretty easily.. So I think it would be hard to teach yourself chemistry without someone explaining it, maybe if you have older siblings or a relative who can explain stuff to you it would be manageable? Otherwise I would recommend french or biology or something.. Honestly I did transition year and I don't regret not doing school work in it! The course is designed to do in two years and although it's a struggle you will get it done.. Just make sure you make the most of TY!

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      Hi Lauren,

      it sounds like chemistry is one of your best subjects seeing as you're considering teaching it to yourself for ty, although I think it would be very difficult to get the whole course covered in a year, especially if you have no teacher to help/guide you through the more complex chapters. Do you have any notes on it from an older sibling? If you do study chemistry independently in ty I definitely think you should do it for the lc (unless it goes really well for you and you want to do 8 subjects) because although you may well not get the whole course covered you'll start 5th year way ahead of the other students and it will be one of your easiest subjects. (or as easy as subjects get in the lc :) )

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      I have repeated 5th year and during my first year i didnt really grasp what the whole concept was. but after really thinking, I try to understand why things in chemistry happen. if you do that, you will do extremely well in chemistry. you also have to enjoy the subject if you are really driven to do it outside school

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      You won't be allowed sit the Chemistry exam if you aren't studying Chemistry in school without having proof of having done the mandatory experiments in a lab, even though you aren't given any marks for them.

      Physics and Chemistry (combined) on the other hand, doesn't have any mandatory experiments to the best of my knowledge, so you should be okay doing that. You cannot, however, sit the Physics and Chemistry (combined) exam if you are sitting the Physics exam as it is on at the same time.

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      I should also add that Chemistry for the Leaving Cert is very different to Chemistry for the Junior Cert - many things you have been taught are grossly oversimplified to the extent of being all but lies, or disproved/replaced theories as they are easier to understand than the current theory.

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      I agree with danm15 the course is a lot more in depth and a good few definitions differ from the junior cert, while it would give you a bit of an advantage you don't want to be put completely off the subject and you don't want to burn out, i'd say start with the mole concept because my class spent a while trying to understand it.

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      If u really like it then you wil commit to it no matter what

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      A best thing to give it a head start, will be to get your hands on the definitions you need for the leaving cert and the concepts of the experiments as there won't be many things you can do!!!... TIP For TY: Perfect Your Analytical & Mathematical Skill!!!!

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      If you study LC Chemistry then you are going to have to get past the fact that a chunk of the atomic theory gets proven to be false and therefore seems at times pointless. As a whole however the course is enjoyable but I would advise studying it in school

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