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    Titrations AdamHealy1

    Help how do you do all the equations in titration experiments completely lost and the book is useless

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      (Molarity of Acid x Volume of Acid) divided by the number of moles = (Molarity of Base x Volume of base) divided by number of moles

      Write out a table with the letters of what you need to get (e.g. Ma= 0.1 Va=22 Na=1 Mb= 0.5 Vb=unknown Nb=2)

      N is found by looking at the equation given. M and V should be in the question and if not then thats what you need to find. Hope this helped :)

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      If you want to find N wouldn't you do Va x Ma over Na = Vb x Mb over Nb

      (Same e.g. as above)

      So (22)(.1) over 1 = (Vb)(.5) over 2

      Then get the Vb by itself?

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