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    2016 Project Hayley_5474

    I'm doing my construction project and I have the heritage building that I'm doing standing, I have to do the roof, paint it and a few other things but I completely forgot to take pictures. Any ideas on what to do? Do you think I could mess around with bits of scraps and pretend to cut, draw, glue them together and then show my final piece?

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      Hey I'm doing construction too and I forgot to take pictures of somethings so what I did was zoom in on the part I was talking about and crop anything unnecessary out. You could draw in pictures of what you have done too. You could include a picture of the building its self as well :)

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      in construction what percentage do you get for your project... folder... and theory....

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      youre better off cutting up bits of scrap and taking a few pictures....they wont know the difference....then take a pic of the finished part.

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      Chippy Teacher

      4 hour exam 25%

      Project 25%

      THEORY 50%

      It is always nice to see pictures of how you got to where you are, so anything that almost shows where you got is great. zoom in but don't think examiners are stupid as they have no doubt students in the same position doing the same thing and they know this off the bat.

      try and explain each step with an even amount of sketches/photo's and finished objects.

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