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construction exam

any ideas on what might come up on this?

Iain_9874 — 15/06/16
U-Value and two scale drawings definitely, a re-design/extension onto a house, a question where it asks you about a picture of a house. thats all i can think of
Rannagh07 — 15/06/16
and what will the drawing questions be?
surma — 16/06/16
stairs baiiii
Rannagh07 — 16/06/16
sound bai
ac97 — 16/06/16
houses especially twin dormer attached bungalow e.g reenrower easst
fellipe_1 — 16/06/16
how dye know will be stairs
JohnDeere123 — 16/06/16
stairs all the way
JohnDeere123 — 16/06/16
stairs all the way
Amanda16 — 16/06/16
World War One, write a letter to hitler xoxo
Rannagh07 — 16/06/16
what makes everyone think stairs
Amanda16 — 16/06/16
Add cian.co for nudes
Gerard_7269 — 16/06/16
Even though I have chosen higher level at the beginning of fifth year and have completed all of the project work can I still choose to take the ordinary level paper on the day of the exam??
Rannagh07 — 16/06/16
yes but not advisable you have 50 percent now so like you would wana be tapped not to pass
Iain_9874 — 16/06/16
If a stairs doesn't show up i'm fair fucked
John1534 — 16/06/16
Colinod97 has predictions
Gerard_7269 — 16/06/16
I know that but I am terribly bad at construction I don't know what to do
AHMEDKHAN55 — 17/06/16
@Gerard. Even i am terrible at construction theory. the main point is that you should be able to pass. which you definetly will because of the project and the practical
Gerard_7269 — 17/06/16
OK thanks for that @AHMEDKHAN55 and good luck �� to everyone else tomorrow
Gazza1997 — 17/06/16
Lads if stairs comes up today.. Honest to god. I'll buy you all a pint.
John1534 — 17/06/16
I'll hold you to that u going quannzz
Gazza1997 — 17/06/16
RIP Stairs 17/06/2016
Fintan_7074 — 17/06/16
Flat roof
Sean_7335 — 17/06/16
What ye get for u value?
Dank — 17/06/16
anyone else get .2735 for u value
Ck18 — 17/06/16
How come I got -674.2? Anyone else get that??
Patrick_4410 — 17/06/16
Part a I forget B= €96.97 C=110mm
Killianphelan — 07/02/17
add sean_barry1998
Killianphelan — 07/02/17
so wats the story then stairs or wat
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