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Does this help you Construct sandwiches? And other foods.

SamDunne25 — 18/05/16
Just go to Subway or any other Deli its way easier.
ElSquarbo — 18/05/16
no, usually constructions are used to build ant-farms. Or worm-farms if you're into that sort of thing. Hope this helped, larva! xoxo - ElSquarbo
Venner101 — 18/05/16
sandwiches are on the leaving cert course, but I think you study chicken nuggets a bit x
patricklysaght7 — 18/05/16
Can someone explain to me how to construct a "Salad" as the kids are calling it.
JedjjJones — 18/05/16
you take away the buns and the patty. Hope this was helpful
Venner101 — 18/05/16
ask the dunnerman he knows a guy x 087666180
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