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Please Help!

I was wondering if anyone knew what chapters in the book cover the repeated questions 6 and 10 in the paper? Any help would be greatly appreciated because I have no idea what I'm doing! Thanks!

fellipe_1 — 16/06/16
ah sure youre not the only one
AHMEDKHAN55 — 17/06/16
i dont know about q6 but according to my school book (get constructive) q10 is the chapter ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AND PASSIVE DESIGN. hope this helped. i have spare code for an ebook version of the book. text me if u want
Qazwsxedc1234 — 17/06/16
I have that chapter so that will do me! Thanks very much!
John1534 — 17/06/16
Just study caravans there definitely coming up passive caravan tho
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