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Q1-Drawing q
ben10 Leaving Cert Construction Studies — 15/06/16 10

anyone have any suggestions as to what drawing to learn or any predictions on whats coming up? would be greatly appreciated men

Patrick_4410 — 31/05/16
I think foundation q1
ben10 — 31/05/16
ok cheers , thats never came up before for q1 has it?
Patrick_4410 — 01/06/16
Fireplace won't come up
slynch97 — 02/06/16
do i have to no hw to bild a mantilpeece
dazb — 03/06/16
its very difficult to predict this section but eaves is a good shout, it comes up nearly every second or third year, stairs also and a section through a chimney id say!
cjcunningham — 05/06/16
Maybe something on passive and just lean key parts like Windows and door Questions
Jonathan_7899 — 06/06/16
Just have a good idea of most the sketches tbh , you can't really predict this question.
shane.logan.18 — 08/06/16
i would say something passive
shane.logan.18 — 08/06/16
foundations are too easy
Hannah_7489 — 15/06/16
Did the eaves detail not come up in last years paper??
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