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    Anyone have DEB Mock paper done? LCstudent2016

    if you have the paper could you tell me what questions came up or send pictures

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      Did you end up getting the paper ? Would you mind sending it to me

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      My exam is tomorrow

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      document question show trials

      here are some essays that came up

      1916 rising

      american foreign policy like cuba berlin and korea

      impact of the apprentice boys of derry

      loyalist and republican in northon ireland

      racial tensions with black people in america like the bus boycott

      sorry hard to remenber did it over a week ago but all those essays were on it

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      Never got it burgundy

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      anyone do the examcraft paper of DCG??

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      Did you do the exam LCstudent2016 ?

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      No burgundy I have it friday

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      I have it tomorrow , I just hope the typical axonometric question comes up or plane geometry or maybe perspective drawing.

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      Larakc16, God I hope American foreign policies and 1916 Rising essays come up on the DCG exam now. I'd be sorted XD Do you need a protractor for the 1916 essay, or will a 60/30 setsquare do?

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      LCstudent. how is your DCG exam on Friday. is it not suppose to be on Wednesday for everyone

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