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    I want to do DCG but I never did Technical Graphics sorecauvanesa

    I didn't do Technical Graphics for my Junior Cert but I want to do DCG for the Leaving Cert. Has anyone done this and will it be really hard for me to recover everything. I did art so is that a benefit.

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      i was thinking of doing DCG too but I didn't do tech graph either but the teacher advised me not to do so :(

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      i did both art and tech graph at junior cert and am currently doing DCG for my leaving and i found art of no help whatsoever. if you didnt do tech graph, it really hinders you as the pace is fast, unless you are willing to put a lot of effort into learning and doing the whole junior cert course as well. i would recommend against doing it as it really would be hard without prior study of the topic

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      Would I have to learn everything from 1st to 3rd year or just some specific topics? Like are all the topics in Technical Graphics needed in DCG

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      Unlike junior cert, you really do have to learn everything as they could ask you anything at leaving and often they like to include multiple aspects of the course in exam questions, forcing everyone to cover the course properly. Good luck if you are trying it though, as it would be more rewarding if you did well at the subject without studying it at junior cert. If you are trying the subject out, have a look on YouTube, because people sometimes do out questions from the exam papers, to help you decide whether to do DCG or not

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      I did both TG and DCG and I can say for definite that I wouldn't have had a hope of passing without first doing TG. DCG is probably one of the hardest LC subjects.

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      One of the reasons why I want to do it is because I want to be and architect and I thought that it would help me

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      you really would need DCG for architecture. if i were you, i would look up possible courses and see if you need DCG for entrance or email a lecturer or secretary to get their opinion.

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      My dad teaches dcg and its not advisable to go into it without tg before it. Its not impossible but its not advisable either

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      I've done DCG for 2years and didn't do it for my Junior and I get all As in every exam I've taken so far in this subject! If you're going to do architecture you must have a very good visual thinking, the way I do! I didn't need to do the Jc or look over it as it just came to me natural whether that will happen with you I don't know! But look go for it, but it won't be easy if you don't try and put the effort into it! And if you struggle go back over the Jc course just to get your head around it!

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      james brennan 18

      Heya sorecquvanesa i didnt do art or tech graphics for junior cert but im doing Art and Dcg for my leaving cert. Dcg is pretty straight forward and it utilises alot of common sense thinking if you can use a ruler or a protractor you can do Dcg without any issues. The main thing i would advise is always making sure youre measurements are accurate if you dont youre whole drawing could be off.

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