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A1 Economic Notes for sale.
Ruthoconnor Leaving Cert Economics — 24/01/17 12

Get started early and avoid hassle and stress at the end of the year. Selling my Economic notes from last year if anyone is interested. Got an A,which only 2.1% of the country achieved

Ruthoconnor — 01/12/16
yusuf2adam — 01/12/16
for how much?
So leaving cert... — 01/12/16
EddieDurkan — 04/12/16
Brady789 — 05/12/16
Ill buy it for 2 copper pieces
Heley79 — 07/12/16
I am willing to buy these notes please!
Ruthoconnor — 10/12/16
hit me up in the private message if interested
DaviD772000 — 19/12/16
I'm interested
DaviD772000 — 19/12/16
I am willing to buy these notes, how much? Thanks
EddieDurkan — 20/12/16
What is your e-mail address Ruth? I Don't even know how to send private messages on this
aidanc543 — 03/01/17
No point buying them. I got an A1 in honours. You're better off making your own notes and doing exam questions and correcting yourself with marking schemes. That's just my opinion though.
Conor_7877 — 24/01/17
stupid bitch
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