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higher level predictions?
by meadhbhaine Leaving Cert Economics — 17/06/16 3

does anyone has any predictions for the leaving cert higher level economics exam pls

oxter — 17/06/16
International trade, elasticity, taxation, population and emigration, oligopoly, national income, labour, ldc's, perfect comp, money and banking, school of economic thought and national income.
JimTyler — 17/06/16
International Trade Elasticity Taxation Population/Emigration Oligopoly National Income Labour as a Factor of Production Perfect Competition Money & Banking History of Economic Thought National Debt EU/Currency Government Aims & Policies Demand (& economic goods) Factors of Production Government Spending & Performance Imperfect Competiton
JimTyler — 17/06/16
In order of likelihood to arise ^
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