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buckley1610 Leaving Cert Economics — 21/06/16 9

Just wondering I am going to revise the following : Oligopoly Perfect competition National income Land Labour Economic growth and development Population Unemployment Demand And elasticity Do ye think I'll be okey at that it should I do more ?

JimTyler — 21/06/16
Have a look over Photosynthesis chapter, hasn't come up since 2010. You're Welcome!
Bengee — 21/06/16
If you all that youre grand fam. Look over money and banking aswell if you get a chance.
tomz — 21/06/16
Do you think they'll mix separate chapters together for a long question? Like banking and trade plus brexit
I think Bishop and Durcan has a high chance coming up tbh
tomz — 21/06/16
I agree and maybe Eliot and Dickinson too
Im doom if Eliot comes up lad������
buckley1610 — 21/06/16
Thanks everyone ��
No problem dude.Wish youvthe best of luck tomorrow..Easy A1 in the pocket��
buckley1610 — 21/06/16
Best of luck to you too ��
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