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LC Predictions for economics 2016
Aoifefogarty16 Leaving Cert Economics — 20/06/16 11

Demand/Supply Oligopoly/Perfect Competition Labour (MRP MPP) Elasticity National Income- Multiplier calculation International Trade- calculation Of the law of comparative advantge Government/LDC'S Population Taxation

ac97 — 16/06/16
nooo way taxation not coming up i know
Rammie20512 — 16/06/16
Is that or higher level or ordinary level???
Sarah654 — 16/06/16
I thought tax is due
Aoifefogarty16 — 16/06/16
Yes it's higher level
Rammie20512 — 16/06/16
Do you know any ordinary level predictions?
Aoifefogarty16 — 16/06/16
No sorry I don't our class was all higher level
Rammie20512 — 16/06/16
Ohhh it's fine thanks anyways
AdviceGiver — 16/06/16
Aoife Fogarty drop to pass with those predictions
kimirwin123 — 17/06/16
That would be beautiful if all of them came up
Hurab — 18/06/16
how can i study them in 2 days
Kohrs — 20/06/16
just stop wasting your time on Studyclix and start hitting your Economics Book!!!
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