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leaving cert economics outside school
lauramcc2013 Leaving Cert Economics — 16/11/16 2

I am thinking of taking up economics outside school and I was just wondering what is it like to do as a subject, is it relatively easy etc... also what are the most common economic textbooks used in school? Also if you do it as a subject would you recommend it?

geographing — 16/11/16
i think it's among the easiest subjects to study on your own, i'm pretty much doing it at the moment and it's fine. the thing with economics is, it's mostly just learning off a huge volume of information, so you don't need a teacher for that. there is the odd concept that you will need to think about, but books usually explain them as well as any teacher. i personally wish i hadn't done it lol because i find it so dull. the amount of lists and lists of things that you need to remember is SO. BIG. i feel like it gets monotonous too as there isn't much room for originality. but it would be good if all you want to do is put your head (way, way) down and get a good mark. we have positive economics in school, which is good. the rapid revision is very good too, i think. if you decide to do it, you should probably keep up to date with news of the economy, because sometimes they ask things regarding that, and also it'll just help you get stuff. good luck :)
lauramcc2013 — 16/11/16
Thanks a lot that was really helpful!!
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