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    Possible Brexit Question Bengee

    A lot of people are predicting a question based on the Brexit. Anyone know what chapter I should study for this or any past questions?

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      On theres some information on it

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      Everything you need to know on Brexit.

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      Ya nice one Bengee because there's a chapter on Brexit

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      Papers are set around November, it wasn't announced until February I'm sure? So far nothing Brexit related in any other papers either so I'd say we're safe enough?

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      ^major issue in the 2015 general election, hyped up during the aftermath of the tories to power - and by November it was confirmed to be in the second quarter of 2016 so it's very likely to come up.

      I'd say international trade, global economic system chapter and maybe - national income as chapters to look at ?

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      Say something about affecting trade and immigration

      Read some news reports about it and you will be alright

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      Is the link for JC aswell

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