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What is this subject like
JCScenes Leaving Cert Economics — 20/09/16 2

What exactly is Economics? What style of learning is it? Wrote learning or? Would you recommend it?

jenny_1000 — 20/09/16
Hi there, It studies the production, consumption and distribution of goods. In other words you learn about how people spend their money and the effect it has on the economy. It is very interesting subject and is mostly theory based. In the exam you have lots of choice and the course is relatively short. As a sixth year who is doing all three business subjects for her leaving cert (Business, Economics, Accounting) Economics is by far my favourite and the one i do the best in. Economics gets a bad name as people think its just graphs and learning about the government which is only a small part of the course! If you want to do a business subject I would definitely recommend doing economics. A lot of people do business thinking it is easy but it is marked very strictly in the exam and what you learn isnt really seen in third level courses. Do accounting if you dont mind figures and are willing to put the effort into practising it. Hope this helps!
JCScenes — 20/09/16
@jenny_1000 thank you!
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