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    What's it like julieod1

    Was thinking about doing economics for the leaving cert just wondering what is it like what kind of things are covered in the course and would you recomend it. I am realy stuck between economics history or physics

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      History is probably the most demanding. Economics appears easy but you can get swamped with all you need to know while physics appears really difficult but eventually it becomes nice and is an enjoyable subject. If you're good at wrote learning, do economics. If you consider yourself opinionated and like debate and politics, do history. If you are strong at maths and have an interest in understanding how things happens, do physics

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      Thank you so much xxx

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      I do all three of those subjects. Physics requires you to not only be good at maths but to be logical when approaching a question. History you need a good memory and be able to write a 4 A4 page essay in 40 mins. You'll also have to read a lot of book and watch documentaries. Economics is just wrote learning like AnonE said. If you're good at any of these or really like one of them pick that one. They all require alot of work but if you like the subject it won't be bad.

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      Thank you thinking about it I'm not that fast a writer so better stay away from history I think I would get too stressed out about it. I'm already doing chemistry and Biology so I think i might do economics as it is a change from the science subjects and would offer a wider variety. Thanks for you help xxx

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      no don't do econ!!!! i moved from accounting to it and its the worst subject ever ! it appears easy, but it really isn't

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