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    2018 Comparative shanemacken2000

    Could somebody please explain to me what the comparative modes for 2018 mean and what you've to write about? I would like to have an understanding of them by next year. The modes are as follows:

    i) The Cultural Context

    ii) General Vision and Viewpoint

    iii) The Literary Genre

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      John smith234

      Basically you will have to compare 3 texts. For me this year it is The plough and the stars, Wuthering heights and The kings speech. For the cultural context you have to compare in each text how things like religion,role of men and women, poverty etc affect each set of characters in each text and compare the same heading to the characters in the other texts Eg In wuthering heights there is a lack of religion but the same cannot be seen in The plough and the stars as Padraig pearse uses religion to motivate people to fight in the rebellion in the book. You have to develop your point by discussing a key moment. For general vision and viewpoint the main point is basically do you think the text is optimistic or pessimistic and dicuss it with key moments the texts. Only 2 topics will show up so I didn't bother studying literary genre because its the most difficult one. Your teacher will explain it anyway.

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      Great explanation, thank you so much!

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