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    compartive notes on the kings speech wuthering heights and foster anyone?? please??

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      Which modes are you looking for?

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      Literary Genre and General Vision and Viewpoint

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      Angela Fitzpatrick

      Hi I am really worried about the comparative as my teacher didn't do much with us I am doing how many miles to Babylon I'm not scared and Juno and the paycock I would be really grateful for some help :) thanks

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      if you send me your email I'll have a look at what I have

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      Angela I've studied how many miles to Babylon for my single text if I can be of any help to you with that part I know nothing about Juno and the paycock. mainly for the comparison its just comparing the similarities and differences in two characters from each novel and stating how they've developed throughout the novel.

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      E H

      Hi Angela, The notes I find the best for Othello, Comparative Study and Poetry (Higher Level) are in a revision book called "English Key Notes - Leaving Certificate 2015 - Higher Level" - I think it costs about €15 or so - you can google it and then order online - not sure if it is in Easons?? - I find it brilliant. It covers all three comparatives that you are doing Juno and the Paycock, How Many Miles to Babylon and I'm not Scared in great detail and gives great sample answers also. It really helped me in my Mock exam (I got 81%). Hope this helps you. Best of luck.

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      I tried to buy Keynotes last week and they were out of stock!any ideas or notes online that would be beneficial?

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