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    Othello emilyamx

    Does anyone have any useful tips on how to study for Othello?

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      Hi - I would start by ensuring you know the plot of the play. However you need to have a really good knowledge of the characters - chiefly Othello, Iago and Desdemona. Know their characteristics and where these are evident in the play (ie backed up with quotes). Take a look at the sample questions that could come up based on character - is Othello responsible for his own downfall or is there other forces at work.

      Look at the central themes in the play - be able to trace it throughout the play - how is it introduced and how does it end?

      Hope this helps!

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      Thank you Emily for the advice! :)

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      My plan is to just learn off essay plans for character questions: Othello, Iago, Desdemona, perhaps Emilia and the relationships between these characters. At least then even you can combine character questions for the more general questions ( eg. Good V Evil, you can just write about Desdemona and Iago). Basically, if you know the main characters you'll be sorted as long as you're good at fitting it into the question that's asked :)

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