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    Positive Thinking? NiamhB

    Whenever I hear the word essay in english class its hard not to shed a tear, I know of course these things need to be done so how does one produce positive thinking towards an essay?

    Im a pretty optimistic person but when it comes to any form of english essay that person is switched off. Any ideas?

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      Lucan bohs

      Make a plan

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      i have problems with writing a good essay too. I also can't write a personal essay in my life. My teacher says that they get boring after the first paragraph. So what i did to improve my essays (and my english) is that i started reading a lot of books and studied how the authours make their essay interesting. I also started writing naritevly ,instead of personal, based on the books i have read. On the day, I look at the title and point (brainstorm) the ideas for my essays. Hope this help. If you are having any more problems then just ask. I went trought all of the problems you could ever have in english ( including bad writing style).

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