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    Predictions for paper 2 - macbeth!!! help lads.... GafferCon91

    Whats everyones views on the play?? that macbeth...jaysus if william shakesphere was still alive i'd slap him with a dictionary... can't make head nor tail of it...!! any tips on how to get me head around it before thursday?? :D

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      I would say learn all the characters e.g Macbeth Lady Macbeth Banquo Macduff Malcolm Duncan King Edward The Witches .. Once you know about the characters you can actually answer any theme question. I think they could ask something on Kingship, Lady Macbeth/The Witches or a question on Banquo

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      Don't forget quotes!! There worth a fair amount of marks in your answer

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      yeah it's the theme one im not looking forward to!... mind went blank in the mocks and i didn't even answer the macbeth question.. still ended up with a B3.. But not taking a chance for thursday lol.. Quotes, i've a list the length of me arm full of quotes.. keep mixing all the characters up tho!.. Thanks anyway chick! Best of luck! :))))

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      What I do is literally write out as many themes I can think of and then I just develop them in my head.. Save the writing for Wednesday and Thursday. Good luck :)

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