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    Answer length for Studies Poetry and Hamlet (Shakesphere 2017) sean.birch.758

    I am wondering how long and how many paragraphs an answer should have. It is not very clear in class

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      Leaving Cert standard is 3 1/2 Pages,

      But seeing as you are in 5th year. 2 Pages plus should do

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      My teacher recommends 4 pages for studied poetry because it's best to get into that habit in 5th year and for Hamlet, he says 4-5 pages depending on the question.

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      Amanda April

      Recommended length for Higher Level is 4 pages, which should equate to an A grade answer at Ordinary Level (given it was answered well).

      Though this is entirely up to the quality of your answer; the more precise, well-planned and relevant your answer is, the shorter you might find it be. If it is the opposite, when answering, you will have a tendency to rant on and on about irrelevant and unnecessary information.

      In order to answer well, study the poetry themes & styles and overall story/point of the poem and play, and never forget to back up your answer with appropriate quotations.

      Since you are in 5th year, you have plenty of time from now until your Leaving Certificate. One key thing to master all of this is to simply keep writing and practicing answers - a trial and error method approach. You will eventually learn from your mistakes and know what to improve on.

      Good luck!

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