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    Answering poetry questions. ppower5

    When answering poetry questions i always find i'm just summarising the poem as opposed to answering the question or giving an opinion, how can i avoid this?

    Also, it is good to use quotes, is it ok to just stick it in after you have made your point, like after a comma or a : ..... as i find it hard to include them in my explaining of a point.

    Thanks in advance.

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      Hi, I struggled with the exact same problem in Junior Cert but I found after reading sample essays and listening to other people's work, I slowly got out of that habit, I went from C/D standard essays to A standard, just remember stick to the point, refer to the question and brainstorm (always helps keep you on track).

      Quotes are a necessity to back your point up, and it says in the question, "Make relevant reference to the poems you've studied on your course" ... Depending on the way I'm putting my point forward, I'll put the quote in different ways. Reading sample essays will give you better understanding of what I mean.

      Hope this helps!

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      thank you, studying sample answers has helped!

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      Amanda April

      Recommended length for Higher Level is 4 pages.

      Though this is entirely up to the quality of your answer; the more precise, well-planned and relevant your answer is, the shorter it will be. If it is the opposite, when answering, you will have a tendency to rant on and on about irrelevant and unnecessary information.

      In order to answer well, study the poem and familiarize yourself with the themes, styles and overall story/point of the poem. And like Kate_5981 said above, remember to always support your answers with quotes.

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