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    any predictions for poets? leah0807

    pretty sure plath and hopkins will come up but any other predictions???

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      Eavan boland is another one that has to come up she hasnt come up since 2011 ill be learning her off for sure

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      ^ agree. I think Boland, Elliot, Donne and Keates might come up. I'm happy 'cause I have two of them studied.

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      I would be weary of studying anyone on the 2018 course. Boland, Keats, Hopkins, and Durcan (but he won't come up anyway because of last year) are all on for 2018. I don't think Boland will come up because then that only leaves one female poet for 2018. If you're studying a female poet, go with Plath.

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      Kayli smyth

      bishop is definitely not coming up anyways.

      I'd say donne and boland definitely

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      So leaving cert...

      elliot came up last year so I dont know if hes probable for this year

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      Big Maggie

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      what in jesus is big maggie

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