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    Bishop essay? treasa98

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had an A1 Higher level essay on Bishop so that I could see what standard I need to write at. Anything related to Bishop at all would be really helpful. Thanks :)

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      Hi, I have an exam answer to Bishop (2006 Higher Level Paper) at 80%, if you are interested in seeing it..Let me know! The poems I've mentioned are The Prodigal, The Bight, First Death in Novia Scotia, Sestina and Filling Station.

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      That would be brilliant! Thank you so much! :)

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      Could I email it to you?

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      My email address is . Thanks again!

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      Just sent it there, no problem! Hope it helps :)

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      Could i get this? TIA

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      hi if you could can you email it to me as well please. thank you :)

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      Hi any chance I could get this? :)

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      @kate_5981 You can attach Word docs or PDF files to posts in this forum rather than emailing. Just make sure it's your own essay you are posting.

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      Could I get this as well please? thanks a mil :)

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      Hi, here it is attached. Yeah it's my own, if you check the autor.. the document has been created by me. No problem, hope it helps you all :)

      attachment Reading the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop.docx

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