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Bishop or Dickinson??
Sophiecolvin Leaving Cert English — 09/06/16 11

Which one has a greater chance of coming up tomorrow?

1282 — 08/06/16
JennoMC — 08/06/16
Rachel_8010 — 08/06/16
Bishop is up for the next two years. So I think dickinson
JennoMC — 08/06/16
I'm gonna slap a Bish if Dickinson comes up and the Bish doesn't Will walk out of the exam and dig a hole and bury myself in the hole
Sophiecolvin — 08/06/16
Thanks for your help guys :) I second that, was hoping for Bishop too!
Jamie004 — 09/06/16
If Bishop doesn't come up I might as well just leave.
hbn98 — 09/06/16
If bishop doesn't come up I will have a mental breakdown
darkclouds_007 — 09/06/16
we want dickinson!!!
Sophiecolvin — 09/06/16
No we don't..
niamhbourke5 — 09/06/16
Durcan ��
njhoran — 09/06/16
yaaaas dicky
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