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    Comparative essays DionneR

    really need help writing the essays, my comparatives are The Kings Speech, Plough & the Stars and Foster.... whats the best way to write the essays?

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      I did othello instead of plough & the stars, on my cultural context essays I took themes such as marriage, war etc and compared the three texts in the context of each theme, by doing it like this and using link words such as "however it's different in foster" or link words like "in comparison to this". On both my CC essays I got 90% however be very careful with your timing and don't write too much, that's my biggest problem 😬

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      And don't forget to quote

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      Thanks very much, you don't know anywhere other than the Key Notex for me to get notes for the essays? Because I can't narrow down the notes

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      anyone know which one is coming up on the mocks : vision or viewpoint or cultural context ?

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