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    Comparative Q 1 Nicolafx

    For my comparative I did Q 1 I talked about the power of war and the role and power of women but I didn't really talk about how it effects specific characters I just talked about it overall?? I got 66% in my pres in English but now I'm not even sure I'll get a D

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      I think the question was how to show the contrast of characters and their role in the cultural context regarding whether they were powerful or powerless. I talked about the sociopolitcal power, power of money and power of love and its redeeming quality found in women and contrasted with the characters that possessed the listed powers and those who did not

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      John smith234

      In order to not get a D you would have needed to do terrible across the board. There are so many sections in English and if the comparative was the only major issue then you will pass without a problem.

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      I focussed my answer and the role of men and women only and mentioned how the men were more powerful over the women and compared this to the different texts on my course, but i would say your answer is fine too :)

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      Thanks everyone :)

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