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Comparative... what?!
halfaglassfull Leaving Cert English — 01/06/16 3

Hey guys! I'm just really wondering here.. for the comparative are you supposed to make one point per paragraph and have ALL three texts in that paragraph; i.e i found the political situation discussed in the plough and the stars was .... however in the kings speech... but in foster.. etc or one point per paragraph, as in a paragraph about the political setting in the plough and the stars, then a paragraph about how that is like/unlike the ps in the kings speech and then a paragraph about how the ps in foster is similar/unsimiliar?! I always assumed it was the second way but is this wrong? ;O please help!!

cad0gan — 30/05/16
you can do it either way but in my opinion its easier to cover all three texts in one paragraph as its easier for examiners to see what your comparing, honestly imagine yourself having to correct your own work would you prefer the one larger paragraph where it might be messy but it is clear on what your comparing or the three well organised paragraphs where you have to take the time to figure out which paragraphs are on which subject, both methods have advantages over each other as well as disadvantages, if your still not sure do out several questions in each style and find someone to correct them (a teacher preferably as they know how examiners think) and go with whichever gets you more marks. just remember its the comparative for a reason the most important aspect of the answer is comparing the texts to each other so be sure what you are comparing to what is clear
halfaglassfull — 30/05/16
Thank you so much thats so helpful! I guess what makes me nervous about doing it in one paragraph is what points do I choose rather then in seperate paragraph I can devolp my points :'( thank so much for your help! ❤️
cad0gan — 01/06/16
my method is one paragraph where you make a point about one text back it up with quote,choose a point from text two compare it to your first point back it up with a quote, choose a point from text three compare it to your first two points, back it up with a quote and then link it back to the question for example if the question was what impact does social class have on the characters in the texts you have studied? i would go In text A the characters are children and so we do not see the impact social class has on them as they do not care about such things and just wish to be Friends with everyone "QUOTE" while conversely in text B we see how many old friends are betrayed and forgotten simply because they are not rich enough or popular enough "QUOTE" text C is similar to text B as the main character chooses his friends by their status in society and not there characteristics "QUOTE", Throughout the three texts the social classes have varying degrees of influence on the friends the characters make which in turn leads to the characters to developing in a different ways to each other and over time changes the characters values
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