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    Comparitive Notes niki1819

    Does anyone have good notes for the CULTURAL CONTEXT and LITERARY GENRE? And what is more due up The General vision and viewpoint, the cultural context or literary genre?

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      What texts are you studying?

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      Cultural Context and LG; we use WWWMMSSREP which stand for Women, Work, War, Money, Marriage, Setting, Society, Religion, Education and Politics. Identify these and how they affect people and also identify the values and attitudes of society towards each of these and you should be fine.

      Use linking devices and comparative phrases at the beginning of each paragraph.

      At the beginning of the essay, identify which values and attitudes you will be talking about and abbreviate the texts like this;

      e.g. Play: 'King Lear,' by William Shakespeare (KL)

      Novel: 'Pride and Prejudice,' by Jane Austen (P&P)

      Film: 'The King's Speech,' directed by Tom Hooper (TKS)

      and refer to them in the abbreviated, bracketed form from then on, it will save you some time.

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      Cultural Context will come up. It's it's last year and didn't come up last year

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      I'm hoping Cultural Context aswell.

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