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    Comparitive Study Help - Foster by claire keegan jude_perry

    If anyone has nay notes on Foster for the comparitive study, notes on key moments, themes, characters etc. Would be much appreciated

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      me too pls

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      I have loads of notes but it's comparing foster to the king's speech or the plough and the stars? If you need any of them

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      Hi meabh17, I would greatly appreciate if you could pass those notes onto me please as they would help me a lot, thanks

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      shouldve done big maggie

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      Could you pass notes for comparing foster to the kings speech and the plough and the stars on to me too please? It would be greatly appreciated

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      Hey meabh would you be able to send me them notes to me aswell my email is greatly appreciated!

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      The revision book 'english key notes 2017' has a whole comparative study section comparing The plough and the stars, the kings speech and foster. I think the book is only a tenner and has loads of other notes for all other sections of the paper too!

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      hi meabh would you be able to pass those notes on to me my email is thanks

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      sorry that was a typo my email is

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