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Durcan Essay
anna_m121 Leaving Cert English — 10/05/16 9

Does anybody have any notes or essays on Durcan? I'm so confused by his poetry at the minute!

Mehak nasim — 05/05/16
yea if anyone does please share.
Thomas.dorian — 05/05/16
Key notes is a fantastic resource for both the comparative and poetry
anna_m121 — 06/05/16
Thank you☺️����
orlameehan — 08/05/16
I could email you a durcan essay I got 79% in if you want? @orlameehann@gmail.com :)
anna_m121 — 08/05/16
That would be great thanks so much! my email is anna_m_2010@hotmail.com , I just sent you one about it :)
Kellylyons1 — 09/05/16
Surely do
ashes204 — 09/05/16
hey if someone wouldn't mind emailing me durcan notes or essay aswell I'd really appreciate! aislingbukulin@gmail.com
Ross_4845 — 09/05/16
could someone senfd me on stuff rossward1998@gmail.com. Any notes at all would be helpful
Vivienneisabella — 10/05/16
anyone want to send me on durcan essay too please !! vivienne.timbs@gmail.com
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