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English Paper 2- Opinions?
Lukesmiiithy Leaving Cert English — 09/06/16 19

What did everyone think about the paper? I thought it was a disgrace.

aoifem123 — 09/06/16
Beautiful, Durcan and Cultural Context, what more could you ask for?
Gazza1997 — 09/06/16
My god. You couldn't ask for a better better. ESO - SO - SO - SO
Jamie004 — 09/06/16
Easy. Bishop came up. King Lear q was simple and CC as well.
Gazza1997 — 09/06/16
" better better " That exam is gone to my head I think. Meant better paper xD
aishlingkehoe — 09/06/16
I thought cultural context was so difficult,it was a disaster for me.. was hoping for general vision
louisoc — 09/06/16
Only Yeats could have made it better, absolutely juicy paper
jen1293 — 09/06/16
Nice except for the Cultural context question, too specific How did you guys tackle Durcan with the narrative element to the question
cillbis — 09/06/16
It was quite fair. Cultural context question for comparative didn't suck too bad. Poetry gave a nice enough choice. Nothing totally off the wall really.
Stabilobosss — 09/06/16
Unseen poetry was kinda weird
aishlingkehoe — 09/06/16
I think how you found the comparative really depends on the texts you studied, the question didnt really suit mine
caitlin_ward11 — 09/06/16
I found the cultural context question kind of hard, still doable. Poetry was lovely ( I did bishop) and Lear question was great.
cliona xxx — 09/06/16
I didn't like the unseen poetry and the king lear question
Jackie the brown — 09/06/16
Anyone know where we can go to see the marking scheme for it or answers to the paper???
cliona xxx — 09/06/16
I don't think the marking scheme comes out till we get our result
Lukesmiiithy — 09/06/16
Disgrace is such an overstatement I'm a goon haha. Just irritated about the CC question, couldn't make head nor tail of it. Maybe I'm stupid idk
cb1234 — 09/06/16
A lot of people found the comparative difficult, don't worry. This just means a more lenient marking scheme. The questions were too specific, especially when compared with other years'.
MaryEllen_6867 — 09/06/16
I thought it was a lovely paper, just got a little bit caught for time at the end. So disappointed Yeats didn't come up but Bishop was the next best thing for me so. Cultural context was lovely, couldn't have asked for anything nicer. Same with the King Lear Q. And surprisingly I really liked the unseen poem. Saying that all, paper one was significantly easier. Think I could be in the A/B bracket. Only time will tell.
exam — 09/06/16
Dickinson and Lear was good but comparative what the hell, it didn't suit Gatsby
Sarah_7402 — 09/06/16
Oh I loved the comparative, I did Q.2 on on CC, luckily it suited my texts. Feeling like the only one who didn't do Durcan lol I did Dickinson thought it was lovely. King Lear Q was to die for, absolutely thrilled to bits :) and dont worry! Im sure you did way better than you think you did, they go easy and theres no right or wrong answer :)
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