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    Essay Theme ailbhe1988

    regarding paper 1 english .... what theme do we feel might come up ? im thinking equality , refugee or freedom ?

    agreed ?

    please reply

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      Freedom came up in the pre.

      I think these could come up

      1. Decisions

      2. Relationships

      3. Equality

      4. Culture/reference to the past (cause 1916)

      5. Something really weird like ghost-writing

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      What points would you discuss for "Equality" and "Freedom" ?

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      I would just use that as an opportunity to talk about being true to yourself and problems teens experience in today's society

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      Peadar collins

      sex and racism

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      Peadar collins

      i mean i love sex

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      Peadar collins

      sorry that was my friend who was in my account. i dont know how to delete comments as well.

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      very immature Peadar

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      See if an equality question does come up could you write about last years Marriage Referendum?

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