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    exam paper 1 hl answer help Eilis_LeanneOC

    Your school principal has decided not to hold any graduation ceremony for the leaving certificate class of 2015. The student council disagrees with this decision. As chairperson of the student council you have been asked to write a letter to the principal, in which you express the students dissatification with the decision and make a case for holding a gradation event. Write the letter you would submit to the principal.

    I am in dire need of help as I am useless at formal letters and I don't have a clue how to answer this. Question.

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      Soban Hussain

      This question is basically a speech except in the body of a letter . You have to include your address and your recipient 's name and address. When you are writing the letter there is a genre/type of language you must use and that is the genre of persuasive and argumentative language . You are only talking to the principal so there is no need to start off saying good morning ladies and gentlemen, you an just go straight to the point . Generally when writing this speech you need about 4 or 5 arguments against the decision to not hold the graduation followed by a closing paragraph in which you sum up all your points . You will be expected to know all the techniques of persuasive language e.g anecdotes , emotive language and rhetorical questions. I would recommend that you plan your answer first jotting down bullet points on how you 're planning to persuade in each argument . In each argument you must give different reasons as to why there should be a graduation ceremony otherwise you'll end up saying the same thing each time . I hope this will help you.

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      Soban Hussain

      N.B don't write everything you are going to say on the plan just little points and maybe the techniques you wish to use

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