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    Extended English paper? maria.pachowicz

    I'm a bit confused about the 2016 Leaving Cert timetable; are the English papers increased by twenty minutes each? Does that mean we all have twenty minutes extra to do our exams, or will that twenty minutes be allocated to something different? Is there any chance that another section has been added to the papers, and that that additional time was introduced to cater for it?

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      No I'm afraid not! The extra time is already factored in a few years ago they just put that on the timetable each year

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      I believe the extra time was added on about fifteen years ago, it's just still written there every year for some reason.

      The timetable says you have, for example, English Paper II from 2pm until 5.20pm.

      BEFORE they brought in the extra time, you would only have had from 2pm until 5pm.

      Your exam starts and ends at the time written on the timetable (5.20pm for example), the extra 20 minutes is already included in the time and the paper is exactly the same format as last year's and all the previous years.

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      That makes sense, thanks for the explanation!

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