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Failed English Failed LC?
Rayglynn Leaving Cert English — 05/07/16 8

Just wanted to know if I fail English do I fail my leaving cert?

Rayglynn — 09/06/16
Or was that back in the days of old?
eimaaah — 09/06/16
no you don't fail your leaving cert. its all good
Rayglynn — 09/06/16
So I can still go to college if I fail English?
Gazza1997 — 09/06/16
thought it was either a pass in english or Irish
Bill_4757 — 09/06/16
Mah english is not a compulsory subject for the leaving cert. Think nearly every school do it though
karla666 — 10/06/16
Depends on the college/uni's entry requirements
John smith234 — 11/06/16
Actually every course i have seen has required at least a pass in irish and english.
CraigMaples — 05/07/16
Some courses require at least a D3 in Ordinary Level Maths and Ordinary Level Irish OR English. However, some require you to pass all three. Check the course requirements of your chosen course.
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