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    Help King Lear Molly121

    Any predictions for King Lear question

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      You'll be absolutely grand, don't worry luv

      I think it's on the play anyway.

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      My teacher said something on the evil characters might come up since nothing like that ever really came up before and it also came up on the mocks.

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      i heard blindness and cordelia/fool ?

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      Ye from reading comments on this I seen a lot about the fool and Cordelia too, I'm just gunna learn off an essay for the evil characters and look over Afew quotes from the fool and cordelia and hopefully it'll be fine, King Lear is way too hard to study for

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      the dramatic function of the Captain and the herald

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      Captain and herald ?

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      When people predict Cordelia and the fool, do they mean both in the same question or two separate character questions?

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      Okay so evil vs good characters came up a few years ago and I didnt hear of any sort of question like that in the mocks On DEB it was men vs women and imagery/symbolism and examcraft it was sight/blindness and the fool and coredila. Also the fool and coredlia would be in one question, as usually theres a character question and a theme question.

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      Importance of fool, role of women and subplots!!

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