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    Higher level Poets Kate cork

    What poets do people think are coming up on the higher level paper?

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      Yeats won't come up. Ní Chuilleanáin is tipped to come up as she won't be on the course next year. Larkin as he hasn't come up in years and Durcan because it's his first year on the course. Thats my guess anyway. Fingers crossed!

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      Yeats is his last year on the course and he has a poem called 1916 so to say he wont come up is stupid

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      Kate cork

      Thanks a mil

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      You're welcome Kate. It's very unlikely Yeats will come up and it's too obvious. They'll probably do like what they did with Heaney, who came up in everything but poetry. I don't appreciate you calling my comment stupid. I was just giving my prediction.

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      Mehak nasim

      a lot of people are saying that Yeats is too obvious so its likely he'll come up as the unseen poet.

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      am I right in saying that an Irish poet always has to come up ,and that Yeats durcan and Eileen are the only Irish poets on the course ?

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      Yeats better show his arse on that poetry section or a trolley is going in Inisfree lake

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